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Hacer Z. Gonul was a Ph.D. student in Anthropology at Peking University and has spent over 10 years living in several cities across China. Simultaneously she engages in political science research at the Université Libre de Bruxelles. Currently, she remains her Ph.D. in ULB. She holds an MA in Sociology from Central China Normal University (CCNU) in Wuhan and completed a bachelor’s degree in Chinese Language and Economy at Tongji University in Shanghai. Her master research was titled: 'Chinese and Turkish Cultural Policy on Minorities – A comparative study between Kurdish and Uyghur'. She has also conducted research in the Hui communities of Wuhan and Beijing. This research was published in the book titled Hui Muslims in China. Her current research deals with 'China's Securitization Practices towards its Muslim Minority Groups: A Comparison between the Uyghur and Hui Communities'. Beyond her special interest in Chinese Islam, her research interests include ethnicity, radicalization and social and cultural transformations in contemporary China with a special focus on Islam in China including Wahhabism and Hui community.

Travaux sélectionnés

Edited Book
Current Issues in Islam "Hui Muslims in China", co-edited with: Hacer Zekiye Gonul, Gui Rong, Zhang Xiaoyan, 2016 Leuven University Press.
« Standing up to China on Human Rights: The Case of the Uyghurs », co-writer with Vanessa Frangville and Julius M. Rogenhofer, 2018 Middle East Institution.
« The right to laugh in China », co-writer with Julius M. Rogenhofer, 2018 East Asia Forum.
« Islam, Migrants, and Multiculturalism: A Glance at Germany, Korea, and Beyond », co-writer with Julius M. Rogenhofer, 2018 Middle East Institution.
« Domestic and International Considerations in China’s 'Halalification' », co-writer with Julius M. Rogenhofer, 2018 Middle East Institution.
« The Case of Reza Zarrab: Erdogan under Pressure » The case of the Iranian-Turkish gold smuggler enters its next round: What his testimony could reveal about the shadowy dealings of the Erdogan government. co-writer with Julius M. Rogenhofer. 2017. Alsharq
« Wahhabism with Chinese Characteristics », co-writer with Julius M. Rogenhofer, Asia Focus# 51- Asia Program by Institut De Relations Internationales Et 
Strategiues, IRIS, 2017 France.
« Citizens of Metropolitan Cities in China: Sense of Belonging as a Hui » Social Cohesion and Muslims: Hui-Muslims in China and Muslims in Europe, Kunming: press, April 2015, pp. 153-167.
« Role of Ethnic Community of Hui Students in Internal Unity in the Context of Urbanization » in Erkan Toguslu, Ding Yuan, and John Leman eds: Developing a Sense of Belonging in Diverse Societies: Hui Muslims in China, Leuven: 2014.

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Présentation des enseignements

"The Dilemma of Chinese Food’s ‘Halal-ification’ in Global Islamic Market and Ethnic Bias in China: The Role of Hui Community ", Rethinking Halal: Genealogy, Current Trends, And New Interpretations Université Catholique de Louvain  Chair of Law and Religions Research Institute in Religions, Societies, Cultures, Spiritualities (RSCS), UCL. 06,2018.
• Cours-conférence « Taking to the Street: Public space and the Democratic Uprisings of Gwangju, South Korea » par Hacer Z. Gönul, ULB, EASt Dans le cadre du 
cours, Anthropologie Des Societes D’asie Orientale (Socad 491) 03.2018.
• "Customs of Turkish Minorities",08. 2015 Gwangju International Centre, South Korea.
• "Turkish Culture, Folktales & Minority Customs ", 07. 2015 UNESCO Kona Centre, South Korea.
• Social Cohesion and Muslims: Hui-Muslims in China and Muslims in Europe; 'Citizen of Metropolitan Cities in China: Sense of Belonging as a Hui', 04, 2015 Yunnan University, China.
• Social Governance: A new Issue in China, 'How NGO's and Consultation', 11, 2014 Seoul National University-SNUAC, South Korea.
• Developing a Sense of Belonging in Diverse Societies: Hui Muslims in China and Muslims in Europe, 'Role of Ethnic Community of Hui Students in Internal Unity in the Context of Urbanization' 05, 2014 KU Leuven, Belgium.