Security Regionalism between Monopoly of Violence and Universalist - Primacy: the legitimation of regional security organizations’ policies

Lundi, 16 Mars, 2015 - 10:00 to 12:00

PhD Seminar - Gustavo Gayger Müller (ULB & UoW)

IEE, Kant Room


As regional organizations such as the European Union and the African Union take over roles in the provision of security, it is fair to ask what underpins their legitimacy as part of the global security governance. Usual responses look at the legality of their acts or the popular support regional organizations carry with them. Other approaches set up criteria that must be met by regional institutions for them to be considered legitimate. This research goes beyond legal, sociological, and normative approaches to legitimacy of peace operations and looks at the discursive process of justification of these policies – the self-legitimation of regional organizations and their actions. To that end, it connects the existing literature on legitimation within political theory and international relations to the scholarship on security regionalism. Thus, the research proposes a conceptual framework for understanding the process of legitimation of regional organizations acting in security governance and a methodology to study their legitimacy claims.