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WILÉN Nina, BIRANTAMIJE Gérard & AMBROSETTI  David, Journal of Eastern African Studies, Volume 12, 2018 - Issue 1, Pages 120-135, Published online: 21 December 2017. DOI: - Special Collection: African contributions to peace operations: insights from the military; Guest editors: Nina Wilén, David Ambrosetti and Jean-Nicholas Bach. 

* The authors would like to dedicate this article to Barbara Delcourt with their deep gratitude.

WASINSKI Christophe, Critical Military Sudies, Routeldge, Published online: 21 Dec 2017, Pages 1-18

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Le comité de rédaction, « Hommage à Barbara Delcourt (1967-2017) », Cultures & Conflits, n° 107, automne 2017, p. 7-8

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