Openness in science advising : A look at how WHO/SAGE and UNESCO/IBC negotiate boundaries at the science-policy interface

Lundi, 3 Novembre, 2014 - 10:00 to 12:00

PhD Seminar - Sameea Ahmed-Hassim (ULB/LUISS)

IEE, Kant Room


This presentation highlights the organizational design of two prominent advisory committees dealing with immunization (SAGE) and bioethics (IBC).  Their purpose is to steer policies towards resolving issues of global concern and aim to bring clarity to the various options governments should take while considering the needs on the ground. These advisory committees call on expertise and different knowledge systems with the aim of creating a platform for the evaluation and discussion of the issues at hand. Recent work in Science and Technology Studies looks at the interactions between science, technology and policy as a point of interest, finding that the relationships are complex and knowledge about how they interact is thin. This research adds to this body of work with a specific emphasis on health issues.