Involvement of Diasporas in Peace-building Processes: A Comparative Analysis of Views and Attitudes towards the Bosnian Diaspora as an External Peace-Building Factor in the Country

Lundi, 24 Novembre, 2014 - 10:00 to 12:00

PhD Seminar - Jasmin Hasic (ULB/LUISS) 

IEE, Kant Room

This thesis examines questions of local ownership in post-conflict peacebuilding and argues that the complex relationship between insiders and outsiders lies at the very heart of contemporary peacebuilding processes. The meanings and the practices of local ownership in peacebuilding contexts remains underdeveloped, and this is why the central question of this thesis is exploring the nature of the interaction between members of Bosnian diaspora and the local elite members (in all levels of government in Bosnia and Herzegovina).

The proposed research project is an analysis of the political elite member’s views and attitudes towards the capacity of Bosnian Diaspora to act as an external peacebuilding factor in the country. These views and attitudes will be juxtaposed in a comparative perspective. Drawing parallels and highlighting differences between the cases will further aid in achieving a deeper understanding of the relationships among external and internal actors, and help in explaining the variance of their ongoing existence. The focus is set on examining the levels of Political Integration (PI), Integrated Social Services (ISoS) and Integrated Security Services (ISeS).