The Arab historiography of Palestine

The Arab historiography of Palestine (Session 1: Thinking about Palestinian historiography 10:00am – 11:30am)

Jihane SFEIR

The history of Palestine and of its people has long been marginalized to the benefit of the dominant Israeli historical account. Even though this history has been absent from the global account of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, it has nevertheless been central in the Arab historiography. This article reflects on the stages of construction of the historical narrative, made in parallel of the conflict and around the memory of the founding event, which is the 1948-Nakba. It aims at recounting the various interpretations of the Palestinian history elaborated outside of the original territory, based on non-Palestinian sources and passed on by the memory of a people, which had been scattered in diaspora.

Colloquium Palestinian Historians/Historians of Palestine: Writing under the Mandate and beyond. 

June 29th 2018, King’s College London 

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