NMUN Project (UN Simulation)

For more than 40 years, the National Model United Nations (NMUN) conferences have been organized by the National Collegiate Conference Association (NCCA), an American non-profit organization that aims at disseminating knowledge about the United Nations and the contemporary international issues dealt with by the Organization. Many of those issues relate to peace, conflict, security and cooperation, that is in fields overlapping the themes promoted by the Bernheim Pole.

In preparation to the NMUN conferences, the various delegations are assigned one country to represent. Each participant has then to act as a diplomat of the country he/she represents in the United Nations, and is therefore confronted with the realities of international diplomacy. 

This cooperative, hands-on experience is very rewarding for students: during preparation, in committee sessions, and even in hallway caucuses - they develop an appreciation of differing viewpoints, the frustration of negotiation, the rewards of cooperation and a broader view of the human side of international relations and diplomacy. Students have also to put to practice their theoretical skills acquired at university, can benefit from immersion in a multicultural context where English is the working language, while experiencing teamwork under stress.

Year after year, the assessment of these simulations is such that the REPI provides an academic and logistical support, including contacts with funders. 

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The  2018 NMUN delegation has received 3 awards (Outstanding Position Paper, Outstanding Delegates, Distinguished Delegation)