Research Projects

The International Relations of Non State Armed Groups Details

GTC (Research Group on Terrorism and Antiterrorism) Details

Borders as an expression of statehood: formal and informal actors at play Details

The Frames of War Details

ACROPOLIS (Academic Research Organisation for Policy Support) Governance For Development Details

Tunisia and Egypt: The memory of two revolutions entangled in ordinary representations and official constructions Details

Surveillance, control and violence : sociological analysis of the daily basis of Palestinians in the colonial context of East-Jerusalem Details

Controling borders at distance : negotiations, practices and social effects of the externalisation of EU border control in South-Eastern Turkey Details

The EU and Global Migration Policy. Combating child trafficking: Comparative regionalism between the European Union and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations Details

Borders within? The unintended consequences of the EU's and Russia's competitive region-building in Moldova Details

Offshoring/outsourcing control: mapping the international and domestic actors of border and migration control in Tunisia Details

Transforming regionalism: security politics and the 'remaking' of West Africa Details

The poison of war. Analysis of the transnational mobilisation fo agent orange victims Details

Policies regarding military drones in Europe Details

Non-state armed groups Details

Imagining and encountering the enemy. Investigation on contemporary military representations (France, Germany, United Kingdom) Details

A certain attraction for military violence: social cogs and narratives of contemporary warlike visual entertainment Details

The construction of non-market economy. A history of practices and practitioners of European trade defense Details

The role of gender in security sector reform - Burundi, Liberia Details

Social anthropology collective inquiry in two African partner universities Details

European integration in the international system. Sociology of the nuclear non-proliferation policy of the European Union and its big Member States (1990-2015)  Details

Comparative Study between China and the EU’s Foreign Policy Decision-Making Details

Forced Migration and State Identity: Syrian Refugees in Jordan as a case Study Details

The European Union and Interregional Crisis Response: Institutions, Policies and Global Challenges  Details

ACROPOLIS Aid Effectiveness with a focus on fragile contexts Details

The Making of EU Foreign Policy in Third Countries: The Upgraded Role of EU Delegations and the EU’s External Face Details

Private security and political power in Afghanistan: reshufflings, strategies of influence and state-formation Details

Intellectual property index Details

Workshop on environment and security (WES) Details

Knowledge circulation: an inquiry of international organizations' permeability in the making of expertise Details

Producing and reconfiguring diplomatic-military "international security"practices: NATO’s and the “fight against terrorism” Details

From Civilising Mission to Civilian Power, Rethinking EU Peacebuilding from a Postcolonial Perspective Details

An Assessment of Possibilities for the Use of Positive Securitization in the Alleviation of Extreme Poverty: Least Developed Countries as Positive Securitizing Actors and the United Nations as Global Positive Functional Actor Details

The instiutionalistion of the EU's High Representative in the Iranian nuclear file. Genesis of an institution in the political security field Details

Peace and Security in Asia-Pacific Details

Implementing EU democracy promotion: The EU's practices in its interaction with Tunisian civil society Details

The Political Economy of Disruptive Innovation Details

Guerre et Po: Wars as a Factor of Reconfiguration of the Political Details

CIRCULEX: Flows of norms and actors in global environmental governance Details

Mapping the Field of European (In) Security Professionals Details

Sociology of International Development Details

International Security Research (ISR) network Details

The relationship between civilian and military actors in the E.U. institutions and within the framework of the CSDP: which mutual influences in terms of visions of the EU as an international actor? Details

The construction of contingent protection in international trade: a discourse analysis Details

The expert and the diplomat Details

"We are the last frontier against…": National Role Conception and Primacy of Security in Israel's road to the First and Second Lebanon Wars (1982, 2006) Details

GRAPAX II (Research group in support of peace policies) Details

EurobroadMap - Visions of Europe in the World Details

The legitimization of violence in international politics Details

''Capacity building'' as an instrument of the International Public Policy of the fight against HIV/AIDS Details

The European policies of democracy promotion. An analysis of Commission and Parliament's roles in Morocco and Tunisia, 2006-2012 Details

Multiple perspectives on UNIFIL Details

The international genius of colonization: Léopold II between history and memory Details

Legal Transplant under Asymmetrical Interests: From Coercion to Socialization Details

Exploring European normative preferences through international criminal justice issues Details

EU Military Interventions and Europeanisation of National Defense Policies Details

The construction of the European space policy: genesis and developments through the prism of a public policy analysis Thesis: European space policy. Towards a second europeanisation Details

The Belgium-Congo military partnership: way to (re)build a ''Congolese republican army'' after Sun City Details

The interpretation of sovereignty in peace operations Details

Analysis of the emergence of international norms Details

On the way the notion of Failed State is used in the international relations Details

GRAPAX I (Research group in support of peace policies) Details

For an empiric political theory of structuring principles of international relations Details

European policies and post-colonial studies Details

Making War Possible Details